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Lubomir Zumpalov

Business and Life Coach

This life coach will show you how to get more than you have by becoming more than you are.

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Life Coaching


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Life coaching improves you and can cover virtually every aspect of your personal or professional development that you might aspire to – career progression, personal growth, stress management, leadership and business management, social skills, personal fulfilment, work-life balance as well as the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge.

Allow me to be a part of your journey and I will share with you my digital library of hundreds of books, resources, planning techniques, audiobooks as well as video seminars on self-development, confidence coaching, business and career development, leadership, spirituality and many other areas. I would like to share with you what took me years to put together and allow you to use it as part of your self-improvement journey.

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What can I do for you? I can help you..

Find happiness

Work together to identify your values and align your life to them.

Become fulfilled

Overcome obstacles, accomplish yours goals and work towards your vision.

Design a strategy

Get over your fears and create a plan to take you where you want to be.

Find the balance

Breathe, relax, take vacations while progressing in your career and business.

Pay it forward

When someone does you a big favor, do not pay it back. Pay it forward.

Working together

You have come this far. I would like to congratulate you and offer you the opportunity to experience a coaching session with me with no cost or obligation.

I don’t work with everybody and I expect you to fill in a form telling me a bit more about you before I decide if we should dive into a complimentary deep coaching session.¬†

How long more will you allow your fears and limiting beliefs to pull you down? When do you think things will get better? Who are you waiting for to come and change your life?

You deserve more. You can more. You are more.

What people say about me?

Not just a mentor and a life coach but a genuine person I have had the pleasure of getting to know. He has helped me in discovering who I am as a person and also helping me understand that there is so much more for life to offer.

– Sweta T.

I have had a couple of sessions with Lubo. He is a great soundboard and helps you understand what your goals and desires are. During our phone call sessions there is a good balance of Lubo offering his own advice and experience and me coming up with my own ideas and solutions. I can trust that he is listening to me and feel comfortable to him without any judgement. I would definitely recommend Lubo as a life coach.

– Krista P.

Lubo helps me look at my problems in a different way. After the consultation, I become more certain about what I should do and what I can do. I become more efficient and focused, which also helps relieve my anxiety. It is a positive spiral. I feel that I take back control of my life and work now.

– Wenxin X.

I’ve learned a lot through my mentoring sessions and I feel like I’ve gained a friend. After a while, we started talking on the phone and he listened to my problems while giving me fair and honest advice and in the same time being very encouraging and friendly.

– Andreea M.


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