Business Coaching

Are you stuck in your growth cycle? Are you struggling to close more sales? Is finding clients getting more difficult each day? Can a business coach help you grow your business?

The number of businesses hiring business coaches has never been higher than now. Often, businesses stagnate not just because of the economic conditions of the industry but because of the decision makers in them. A business coach can help mitigate difficult situations in which the decision makers have become bottlenecks to the future growth of the business.

The purpose of a business coach is to find underutilised resources in a business and employ them efficiently in a way they haven't been before. Too often, options lie before our eyes and yet we still don't see them. Business owners and decision makers are like a lid in that their leadership ability is directly related to the growth of the business - the higher it is, the more the business and its employees can grow.

Are you starting a business now?

Some will argue that the conditions now are the most difficult ones in centuries while others firmly believe that this is the most opportune time to start a new business.

A business is an endeavour in which one person or a group of people have found a way to satisfy the customers' needs in a way that hasn't been done before. With the continuously changing economic landscape in the World, now more than ever we need to serve our clients and add value where it is needed.

Starting a business can be overwhelming especially when you are moving from one industry to another or when you are employed full-time. A business coach can help you stay focused on the highest priority tickets that will produce the highest impact. They will hold you accountable to your decisions and will also help bring clarity into why you are starting the business.

Remember that practically all tech startups in the advanced world nowadays have at least one mentor and one business coach who helps them stay focused on the prize while navigating the startup through the challenges of the industry.

Are you looking to grow your business?

There only 3 ways to grow a business:
Increase the number of clients
Increase the transaction value
Increase the transaction frequency
The question is not which of these are you trying to achieve but how are you addressing each of these. There are more than 270 strategies to attack these 3 simple goals. A business coach can help you explore in which of these are you underperforming and how you can better utilise the available resources. Remember that the ultimate resource is not time or money, it's resourcefulness, because it can help you make more money and time which wasn't previously available.

A business coach brings an enormous amount of value in the form of clarity. Sometimes we make a problem an actual problem only because we thought we had a problem where in fact it was never a problem in the first place. Having another pair of fresh eyes can easily triple your sales.

Book a Free Introductory Session

Having an introductory session is extremely helpful to both the business coach and the client as it helps each understand if value can be added to the client through business coaching. It is also strongly recommended in the early phases of business ideation as it can also act as a great market validation tool in which the coach can probe the business idea and it validate its viability.

Good business coaches will encourage you to fail fast and fail forward. Sometimes what we think is a great business idea has been rejected by the same market before but a small tweak to the business model can be the determining factor between a multi-million business and a failed one.

Introductory sessions are normally carried out over the phone, in a video call, or in person and last about an hour. During this time the coach explores the business and the challenge faced by the entrepreneur probing if various solutions have been explored in the past. Clients often find that there a number of venues which have not been explored and could significantly increase sales, revenue and the customer base.
Book a Free Introductory Session
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