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I dont’t need your life coaching.

Maybe you don’t.. You probably have it all together. You have every toy you want in life, you are the epitome of happiness, your job is fulfilling, you are financially independent, you have found the true love of your life – your soul mate, you feel complete and live life with no regrets. Even if you don’t, I am sure you will make it without a life coach. None need a life coach but all can benefit from one.

Have you ever wondered why do most, if not all, successful athletes, presidents, spokespeople, celebrities, business leaders and politicians have or have had coaches at some point in their lives? Were they broken and needed fixing? Oh, and I almost forgot, why did the president of the USA have a life coach, isn’t this just for the miserable?

The greatest misconception of the 21st century is that people believe that life coaching is about giving advice and about someone telling you what to do. If a life coach gives you advice on what you should do, when and how you should do it then they are not a life coach, but a consultant or a mentor. Coaching is much like sitting before an intelligent mirror which actively listens and follows with questions.

The relationship between a coach and a coachee is one of intimacy, trust and comfort. It enables the coachee to 1) identify and clarify the type of goals they are after, 2) assess the current situation, 3) understand the potential alternatives, 4) set a plan of action.

If you had a coach, how would your relationship look like? What could they do for you and what would make them the ideal fit?

What’s the easiest way to get yourself overwhelmed? That’s easy – ask as many ‘why’ questions as possible before your brain has the chance to answer them! Why does this always happen to me? Why can I not lose weight? Why do I always fall for the same type of guy? Why can I not make more money? Why can I not find happiness?

We all complain we want things to change but we never admit that for them to change WE need to change. There’s always someone else and something else to blame, isn’t there?

Be honest and true to yourself. Tell me, what will make you change? Your friends? Your partner? Your parents?

What would your friends say if you told them that you have a life coach? Will they be supportive and happy for you or not understand and laugh at you. Will they tell you that you are wasting your money? Could they help you? How long have you known them for? Could a better version of you have less in common with them and is it possible that they could lose you as a result?

Once I saw a man holding a sign. Written in large capital letters, it said: ‘Advice – 50 cents!’ Just below it, in smaller letters, he had written: ‘Good Advice – $1!’ How can we ensure that the advice we pay for is not designed to keep us coming back for more advice, but is in our best interest? A life coach does not give advice but offers questions to bring clarity and focus which have proven to be more effective.

I do wonder what do you think of life coaching. Would you ever get a life coach? Why? Why not?

Get in touch and let me know. I would love to hear your story.




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