Lubomir Zumpalov


MSc European Public Policy
University College London (UCL)

BSc Economics with Political Studies
Royal Holloway, University of London

Investment Operations Certificate
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI)

BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis
The Chartered Institute of Information Technology

Six Sigma White Belt Certification
Aveta Business Institute

PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate
APMG – International


Lubomir Zumpalov is one of the leading UK life coaches based in London and he is also an experienced change management consultant for some of the largest and most prestigious financial institutions in the world.

With many years of experience in the change management industry he has taken a variety of roles and has previously advised Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group on their change management agenda.

Lloyds Banking Group awarded Lubomir the Delivering Excellence Award in 2015, shortly after he was promoted to a senior change management consultant recognized for his superior leadership and mentoring skills.

Leadership, practical psychology, spirituality, personal development and entrepreneurship are only some of Lubomir’s areas of personal interest.

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Early childhood

Once upon a time in a small town in Bulgaria, there was a young kid in love with computers and technology. It seemed at the time – a never-ending adventure in which the kid could be anybody and everybody. That kid was me. Self-taught in many aspects, I found computers to be a way to communicate, play games, break and build things, learn English and explore a world I never knew existed. I was never good at games.

Intrigued by the vast digital space I think I developed a curiosity for knowledge and unwillingly became a media sensation after a local newspaper published an article about me for being the youngest kid at a Linuxfest at the age of 14. It was a world of freedom and endless possibilities at a time when connecting with family wasn’t a priority. I doubt that’s a priority for anyone at the age of 14 nowadays.


Little did the kid know, moving to a new high school came with a few extras which he hadn’t planned for. Bullied on the first day at school and afraid to death I had a choice: Fight or Flight? I did not expect to be in this position and I was never much of a fighter. I fought. To this date, I don’t really think I had a choice. It was a steep learning curve into the law of the jungle and social dynamics fuelled by hormones at an early age.

As we grew older and wiser our competition turned to other areas and the peer pressure started to have an impact on my thinking. With technology and computers taking a backseat I became more interested in social standing, money, prestige and recognition form both sexes.

Moving to the United Kingdom

I can’t express my gratitude enough for having the most loving and supportive family in the world which has been with me every step of the way and which influenced me to pursue my higher education in the United Kingdom. I graduated with a BSc in Economics with Political Studies in 2010 and followed with a master in science in European Public Policy in 2011.

I was excited to try a new life – the life of a semi-independent grown-up on the first ladder of success. Totally unprepared, away from family and friends reinvention was a must. You either adapt or you fail. You fail your parents. What’s worst than that?

The Self-Preservation

Being alone and away from all that you hold dear, I once named the period ‘the self-preservation’, because as much as I loved the sense of freedom and independence which every young man desires at a young age, I felt the cultural shock and I was clearly not ready to lose my social standing, friends and status. The same reputation I have been building all these years. Looking back now, I can see how shortsighted I was. Variety and excitement were everywhere and as new friendships were made, a difficulty still persisted to identify oneself with a circle of likeminded people. Some came close  but never close enough.

It took time but I adapted, I completed my studies and started my corporate journey at the best graduate IT employer in the UK.

The Breakthrough

With each year in the big corporate world slowly climbing the ‘ladder of success’ with plenty of acknowledged achievements in a very short period of time I saw my fulfillment levels stagnate. It started becoming mechanical even at the age of 25.

One day I came across some advice that struck deep in me: Tomorrow when you go to work ask yourself: “Who am I becoming here?”. In difficult times most of us ask ourselves “What am I doing here?” and that’s an easy question to answer – “I am doing what I have to do to pay the bills. Doh!”. The first question doesn’t give you this easy answer. It made me think.

I couldn’t see the bigger picture – Where will I be in 5 or 10 years? Here? Lubo, do you want to be here? What do you want to do and who do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?

It didn’t take long before I realised I had no higher purpose, no mission, and while most people tend to ignore this and start wishing they had one and look for all the reasons why they cannot be great, I decided to find what I love and pursue my dreams no matter what. I looked within and focused on developing myself, who I am and who do I need to be – the best version of me and nothing less.

I wanted to coach and after an year of fear and procrastination – I finally started. Overcoming the fear of failure and success I started to be service to you the reader. You are here reading my story and I wish you didn’t wait an year like I did and you pursue your dreams with everything you have. Now!

I decided to be the change in the world I want to see. I want to empower and inspire the people around me to do the things that inspire them.

The Mindset Change

Change happens in an instant. Maybe you have been wandering like I did for years looking for answers: What is important? What is it that I want? Who am I and who do I want to be? These questions and their answers shape our life and our destiny, who we are and what we believe in.

We tend to focus on what we think matters the most and hope things work out and that luck is on our side. The truth is that luck doesn’t decide what we get, who do we become, and what we do. We do, with the decisions we make.

In my humble experience I have found the holy grail to be the infinite power of personal development and I wish I had a guide, a coach of some sorts to help understand what do I want, why and how to get it a younger age. There is an infinite spectrum of possibilities all around us and most of us are completely oblivious and don’t see it. It’s a mindset shift.

You are probably wondering: Well, were your parents not taking the role of a coach when you were younger? Let me stop you before you even think about it! You parents are not your coach and are unlikely to be one! Let me explain: most likely your family loves you too much and does not want you to get hurt and as a result they are likely to advise you on the options that do not hurt you or hurt the least. Most of our parents want a life for us based on their beliefs, their struggles, their pains and their joys. In their attempt to help they will try to influence what you want based on what they believe you should want.

My Beliefs

I believe in giving as the ultimate courier of fulfillment in life and this is the driving force for my decision to utilise all that I have and believe and share it with you. With this decision I started the journey of my life. My mission.

It’s strange how far we go in life without clearly understanding our needs, motivation, and without a clear purpose in life. We wonder why are we unhappy and unfulfilled in the game of life when we don’t realise we live to win without knowing the rules of the game. The same rules we created unknowingly at an early age thanks to the way we have been brought up.

My goal is to empower you to live your life on your terms and be happy with who you are and what you do.

Never settle for anything less than you can be and remember that all change happens in a moment.

It’s the years we wait before we overcome the fear of change that I would like to eliminate for you.

What can I help you with?

  • Personal Development
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Health & Wellness
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Planning
  • Career Progression
  • Business Development
  • Stress Management
  • Personal Relationships
  • Dating Skills
  • Motivation
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Networking
  • Starting a Business

Frequently asked questions

  • Connector.

    Why coaching?

    I believe that in life our success is measured by our contribution and I share the values found in authors like Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn to name a few.

  • Connector.

    How did it all start?

    Tomorrow, if you are in full employment when you go to work ask yourself not: “What am I doing here?”, but “What am I becoming here?”. This is how this all started for me.

  • Connector.

    As a life coach, are you always happy?

    Of course not, like every other human being on Earth, I am not always happy however I have adopted techniques which allow me to manage myself and my emotions in times of difficulty, general frustration and anger. Remember: happiness is a state of mind! Life throws at us (what we commonly believe to be) issues and the only thing we have control over is not the events that happen to us but what they mean to us.

  • Connector.

    From financial services to life coaching?

    Everyone deserves to reach a breakthrough and realise their purpose, their mission and feel one of the greatest emotions when they can say “It all makes sense now!”.
    Success is not money, nor is it a status or a title in an investment bank; it isn’t what you drive or where you live. I am sorry to disappoint you but If you believe that if you achieve these you will live a life full of joy and happiness you might be very wrong.
    Success is being the best version of yourself every single day. Happiness is progress. The most intense fight a human will ever have is between the person they are and the person they are capable of becoming. I am here to serve you.